The Favor & Blessings Package
Experience The Refreshing Dew Of God's Favor!
Allow God to work divine miracles for you and receive His blessings today!
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Would You Like God To Work Wonders & Miracles In Your Life?

Starting Today, You Too Can Experience The Amazing Favor & Blessings Of Our Father As You Allow His Grace To Flow Freely In, and through Your Life... ...

"His Favor Is Like Dew On The Grass."
~ Proverbs 19:12 ~

Beloved Friend,

Do you know that God has Great plans for your life?

In fact, according to the Bible, He wants to bless and prosper you even more than you might think!

Just take a look...

  • Eternal Life
    (John 3:16)

  • Shalom Peace
    (John 14:37)

  • Abundant Prosperity
    (Jeremiah 29:11)

  • Divine Health
    (Exodus 15:26)

  • Answered Prayers
    (Matthew 17:20)

All these (and more!) are God's promises to you and your family through the finished work of Christ.

Isn't that great news?

Knowing that our all-knowing, all-powerful Father is on your side can truly be a most reassuring experience.

Even if you're faced with an ocean of troubles or a giant of a problem, God's Favor will ensure that you come out victorious and triumphant - even if He has to part an ocean and bring down a giant in the process!

But have you ever wondered,

"If all these promises are for me, why am I not seeing them manifested in my life?"

Indeed, it seems even God's children may not be exempted from doubts and other negative feelings.

In fact, it's actually normal to have them.

But here's the thing, God doesn't want you to have a normal life...

He wants you to live the Supernatural, Abundant Life that Jesus died to give you!

When you consistently look to Jesus, He'll shatter all your limiting beliefs and allow you to walk freely in the wondrous realm of God's Divine Favor.

And through this latest release, we hope to help you do just that... ...

The Favor & Blessings Package

In this power-packed resource bundle, you'll find the keys to removing yourself from the distractions of daily life and turn your attention to the One that truly matters - JESUS.

Here's what you'll be receiving...

1) The Favor & Blessings Affirmation Prayer

  • A simple and powerful prayer to focus your spirit and mind on the Favor & Blessings of God

Let your faith arise as you saturate your heart with the Truths of God.

See how our Father will bless you with...

  • The righteousness of Christ and the assurance of Eternal Life

  • Success and prosperity in everything you set your hands to

  • Supernatural favor with everyone you meet

  • Divine protection for you and your family

  • The constant presence and loving embrace of your Daddy God

2) The Joy & Peace Instrumental Pack

  • A 13-track mp3 bundle to help you lift your spirits and experience the Shalom peace of God

As you soak yourself in these specially selected music, allow the loving presence of our Father to envelop you and shower you with the Blessings He so desires to bring to your life.

3) A Bonus Compilation Of Free Faith-Building E-Books, Including...

  • Faith That Works
  • Praying With Instant Results
  • The Finished Work Of Jesus
  • The Blessings & Promises Of God
  • The Godly Guide To Victorious Living

    and many more... ...

Best of all, the Favor & Blessings Package is completely FREE when you download the Favor & Blessings Toolbar!

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Ready to experience the Supernatural Favor of God?

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Experience The Amazing Favor & Blessings Of God!