For my very dear friend Amy

I am proud to know you to call you friend, to see you grow, and share in your life.. The good, the bad, the happy and the sad.. no matter we are here for each other. I am so very happy joyous and celebrating your new found relationship with Jesus... Knowing our friendship will continue throughout eternity, forever grateful for you and all you are... all He has created in you. We will walk the road together, take my hand.

When God created us, He never meant for us to be alone. He wants us to have friends who will love and honor us, just as we love and honor them. Therefore, let us thank God for all the special friends that we have in our lives, and trust Him to increase and sustain these quality friendships.

Let us learn to love our friends as God loves us, and He’ll knit our hearts together as one. Appreciate these special relationships that make our lives colorful and bright, for they are channels through which the blessings and happiness of God can manifest in our lives.

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