My Special Teacher Miss Karla Corrie-Sookdeo

by cherisse



To be a teacher it takes someone special and not just the position of a Teacher
To Miss Karla Corrie-Sookdeo

A Great teacher is one,
who teaches with love.
who Corrects Students and make them Grow, Instead of shouting and making them slow.
who makes Things to Flow.
who gets things done as and when.
who never treats a student as Foe.
who Teachings must help in long Run.
who says always it can be done.
who should never make students Run, Instead have Great Fun.
who must be always Bright and Teach Students Right.
who is always a best Friend

A Great teacher is one,
who Can groom every creation,
who Can enhance every admiration,
A great teacher is one of,
The true inspiration,
A great teacher is one who,
Give us our right elevation,
A great teacher is one to give,
Us a chance to step in there generation,
With them our life,
is full of celebrations,
They may dare to use quotation;
And these quotation,
Should have fixations,
Every student is unsuccessful,
Without there inspiration,
After all a teacher is more important
Then Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Newton.

In every school, to every student
there's a special teacher.
To every teacher, to every student
there's a special bond.
To every bond to every moment
There's a special time that we'll think
back and say to ourself's "That teacher
really cared!"
If you know that teacher cares
you're life will brighten up.
Cause now you know that
if you fall, that same special teacher
Will come and help you up.
Miss Karla Corrie-Sookdeo 2 me you are that teacher

Miss Karla Corrie-Sookdeo
I love you & thank you for being this Special person
You have Truly Touched my Heart.
To Me You are No Less but an ANGEL sent from Heaven

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